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Images-Fireflies 2023

Solo exhibition at Barbur Gallery  |  Curator: Lital Marcus Morin

Fireflies sculptures sharing their lights on seemingly heavy sculptures lying on the floor. Combining  a garden fence, scotch dish-scrubbing sponges, blue synthetic grass, light bulbs, and a drum set, the exhibition is a game between human and garden: grounding and submission, and at the same time, the potential to rise up, soar and break through the fence, in whatever form it takes. The project corresponds with the book "Survival of the Fireflies" by Georges Didi-Huberman, which presents the sparkle of the fireflies as a metaphor for effort, passion and humanity. A tiny and rare glow that is ready to deviate from the clear rational, logical and indifferent norm, and tries to love in spite of everything.

Photos: Daniel Hanoch

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